Jun 14


Our office provides Bookkeeping services to reconcile your income and expenses by month, quarterly, or annually.  Monthly reconciliation would be your best requested service.  Monthly provides you the opportunity to review the reports available and make real time changes to your operations to achieve the highest profit possible.

The reconciliations will permit us to prepare periodic Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, and other Financial Statements from the invoices, expense receipts, check register and other statements meeting your financial needs.

Additional Services include the preparation of State Sales Tax Returns, Federal and State Payroll Tax Returns, Financial Statements, and Employee/Subcontractor 1099/W-2 preparations.  We prepare any and all forms required by the State and Federal Regulations.

Our office has the expertise in supporting an number of industries from lawn service to long haul trucking, from retail store to internet transactions, and just about any other business activity that you may be involved with.

Don't hesitate to contact our office and inquire more about our services, fees, and answers to all your questions or concerns.  Call and talk with Tracey at 321-632-5726 or you can email him at tchigginbotham@higcoinc.com.